Groombridge St Thomas CEP School PTA

Get Involved!

Government cuts to educational funding means that the role of the PTA has never been more important.

Last year we managed to raise over £16k that contributed to the purchase of new computers and laptops, paid for important resource subscriptions and books and also supported the year 6 PGL trip.

Our children benefit hugely from the monies raised by PTA activity.

But in order for us to continue to be effective we need as many parents as possible to get involved:

If you are not already involved please think about it today. Stop and speak to one of the Committee leads (see below) or email us direct: or through the school office: office@groombridgest-thomas.e-

Current PTA Committee Leads

Chair: Jason Craft

Secretary: Kirsty Hoskins

Treasurer: Kelly Trendall/ Bex Carter