Groombridge St. Thomas CE Primary School



A whole school approach means that all staff, parents and governors have a responsibility for the wellbeing of everyone in our school community - children and staff. We also provide seminars and support for parents/carers. This is embedded in our ethos and values as a Church of England School. We seek to raise awareness and work in partnership with all parents, carers, volunteers and visitors. Our aims are to:

1. Raise awareness that anyone (loud or quiet, academic or creative/sporting) can have emotional or mental health issues and make sure children and all members of the community know who is there to help them, including specialist staff and other services

2. Create an environment where all health issues - physical, emotional, spiritual and mental - are treated equally

3. Ensure there is time and space to talk about concerns and problems

4. Work using a whole school approach which normalises the idea that we need to take care of mental health and emotional wellbeing throughout the school

5. Engage with parents and carers to extend awareness and promote positive strategies

6. Challenge stigma and negative 'labelling'

7. Include well being in the Personal, Social and Health Education (PSH), Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum as well as collective worship

8. Provide a safe and comfortable space for conversations and support groups

9. Ensure all staff have professional development for skills to support children

10. Ensure there is a named and trained teacher who pupils can discuss mental health issues with (Mrs Paice ), and ensure all children chose who they speak to when they have concerns

Please contact the school with your suggestions and ideas which we warmly welcome. Please see our annual initiatives in our School Development Plan.

Angela Nicholls

My mental health promise - Sussex CAMHS 2019 campaign.pdf