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PTA Fundraising

Class fundraising – between now and Christmas each class is required to raise £150 please. £100 will go straight to your class teacher to spend specifically on any resources your class needs this year, £50 will go into the PTA pot. In previous years classes have organised sponsored events, asked children to fill empty smartie tubes with 20ps or children have been paid to do jobs around the house. If there are 30 children in your class each child is only required to make £5 which is easily achievable. You could run a small class competition with a prize for the child who raises the most.

Christmas Cards – all the children have now created their Christmas design and they should come back after half term for us to place our orders. There are all sorts of other gifts that can be bought so encourage your classes to buy when the time comes

Advent Raffle – In November we will be running our advent raffle again. Mathilda is organising which is fab. More on this to follow shortly but your role will be to encourage your classes to buy lots of raffle tickets. The children love this one too

Beanie Baby Sale – Carole Anne in the school office is donating about 70 nearly new Beanie Babies who all require adoption. We will be organising this shortly – more information to follow

Class Fundraiser – each year each class is requested to organise a larger fundraiser usually this would have been one the activities we are now unable to do so we are going to have to put our thinking caps on. This is something to discuss with your class – doesn’t have to be immediate but at some point during the academic year please. Ideas:

  • Virtual wreath making – if you have a florist or flower arranger in your class what about organising something on ZOOM or teams?

  • Virtual class quiz – the PTA association has all sorts of resources for online quizzes which could be good fun for your class

  • Rally – organise an event where families compete in their cars to guess the clues and compete the rally in the quickest time. Might take some thought to develop a local rally (might be some online) but these are really good fun and a good socially distance event – entrance fee etc