Groombridge St. Thomas CE Primary School

Staffing Structure From September 2020

Senior Management Team

Ms Angela Nicholls Headteacher – Lead DSL Mrs Helen Denton Deputy Headteacher – DDSL Mrs Julie Paice SENCO (0.4) – DDSL


Mrs Sam Berkery Reception Class

Miss Emma Wignall Year 1

Mrs Helen Denton Year 2 (0.8 – 0.2 Deputy Head PPA)

Miss Jill Sandercott Year 2 (0.2)

Mrs Charlotte Singleton Year 3 (0.8)

Miss Jill Sandercott Year 3 (0.2)

Mrs Jennette Taylor Year 4

Mrs Nicky Bennett Year 5 (0.6)

Mrs Alison Youlton Year 5 (0.2)

Mrs Maddie Lilley Year 5 (0.3)

Mrs Sarah Cook Year 6 - DDSL

Mrs Alison Youlton Music teacher (0.2) all classes

Ms Esther Collacott French Teacher (0.1 Years 3-6)

Subject/Area Co-ordinators

SEND and Disability - Mrs Paice

English/Lietracy - Mrs Cook and Miss Wignall

Mathematics/Numeracy - Mrs Denton and Mrs Taylor

Science - Mrs Bennett and Miss Wignall

RE - Mrs Taylor, Mrs Bennett and Miss Nicholls

Computing - Mrs Cook and Mrs Denton

Humanities - Geography and History - Mrs Taylor and Mrs Singelton

Art/DT - Miss Wignall and Mrs Bennett

Music - Mrs Youlton and Mrs Bennett

PE - Mrs Singleton and Mrs Denton

Collective Worship/SMSC - Miss Nicholls, Mrs Youlton, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Denton

School Council/STACC - Miss Nicholls

PSHEC/SRE - Mrs Singleton, Mrs Denton, Mrs Cook

Equal Opportunities - Mrs Paice and Miss Nicholls

EYFS - Mrs Berkery and Miss Wignall

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Joanne Cantwell TA3 Reception Class (0.6) / /MDSA Paediatric First Aider

Mrs Kate Wilkes TA2 Reception Class (0.4)/MDSA /Paediatric First Aider

Miss Cheryl Harmer TA3 Year 1 /MDSA / Paediatric First Aider

Mrs Juliette Martin TA3 Year 2 (0.8) /MDSA / First Aider

Mrs Roslyn Thomas TA3 Year 3 (0.6) /MDSA/First Aider

Ms Esther Collacott TA3 Year 3 /MDSA (0.2)/ First Aider

Ms Jo Young TA3 Year 4 /MDSA / First Aider

Mrs Angela Adams TA3 Year 5 / MDSA /First Aider

Mrs Susan Stephenson TA3 Year 6 / MDSA / First Aider

Support Staff

Mrs Sarah Moran Bursar (0.4)

Mrs Jo Brookbank Secretary (0.8)

Mrs Carole-Anne Pett Secretary/Premises Manager (0.8)

Dazzle and Shine School Cleaners Lunchtime Cleaner Mrs Sam Catlin

Mr Paul Shefford Clerk to Governors

CHARTWELLS School Cooks – LEA Contract

Mr Sam Scales ICT Consultant 1 day a week

MSPORTI Sports Whole school - one lesson a week, two lessons in EYFS