Groombridge St. Thomas CE Primary School

Staffing Structure From September 2020

Senior Management Team

Ms Angela Nicholls

Mrs Helen Denton

Mrs Julie Paice

Headteacher – Lead DSL

Deputy Headteacher – DDSL

SENCO (0.4) – DDSL


Mrs Sam Berkery

Miss Emma Wignall

Mrs Helen Denton

Miss Jill Sandercott

Mrs Charlotte Singleto

Miss Jill Sandercott

Mrs Jennette Taylor

Mrs Nicky Bennett

Mrs Alison Youlton

Mrs Maddie Lilley

Mrs Sarah Cook

Mrs Alison Youlton

Ms Esther Collacott

Reception Class and PTA Staff Rep

Year 1

Year 2 (0.8 – 0.2 Deputy Head PPA)

Year 2 (0.2)

Year 3 (0.8)

Year 3 (0.2)

Year 4

Year 5 (0.6)

Year 5 (0.2)

Year 5 (0.3)

Year 6 - DDSL

Music teacher (0.2) all classes

French Teacher (0.1 Years 3-6)

Subject/Area Co-ordinators

Safeguarding DSL's

Health and Safety

SEND and Disability










Collective Worship/SMSC

School Council/STACC


Equal Opportunities


Online Safety

Admissions Reception Class

Tenner Project

Remote Learning

Miss Nicholls, Mrs Denton, Mrs Paice and Mrs Cook

Miss Nicholls and Mrs Denton

Mrs Paice

Miss Wignall, Mrs Cook , and Mrs Whittle

Mrs Denton and Mrs Taylor

Mrs Bennett and Miss Wignal

Mrs Taylor, Mrs Bennett and Miss Nicholls

Mrs Berkery, Mrs Cook, Mrs Whittle and Mrs Denton

Geography and History - Mrs Taylor and Mrs Singelton

Miss Wignall and Mrs Bennett

Mrs Youlton and Mrs Bennett

Mrs Singleton and Mrs Denton

Miss Nicholls, Mrs Youlton, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Denton

Miss Nicholls

Mrs Singleton, Mrs Denton, Mrs Cook

Mrs Paice and Miss Nicholls

Mrs Berkery and Miss Wignall

Miss Nicholls and Mrs Denton

Mrs Berkery

Mrs Singleton

Headteacher, SMT and Computing Co-ordinators

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Joanne Cantwell

Mrs Kate Wilkes

Miss Cheryl Harmer

Mrs Juliette Martin

Mrs Roslyn Thomas

Ms Esther Collacott

Ms Jo Young

Mrs Angela Adams

Mrs Susan Stephenson

TA3 Reception Class (0.6) / /MDSA Paediatric First Aider

TA2 Reception Class (0.4)/MDSA /Paediatric First Aider

TA3 Year 1 /MDSA / Paediatric First Aider

TA3 Year 2 (0.8) /MDSA / First Aider

TA3 Year 3 (0.6) /MDSA/First Aider

TA3 Year 3 /MDSA (0.2)/ First Aider

TA3 Year 4 /MDSA / First Aider

TA3 Year 5 / MDSA /First Aider

TA3 Year 6 / MDSA / First Aider

Support Staff

Mrs Sarah Moran

Mrs Jo Brookbank

Mrs Carole-Anne Pett

Dazzle and Shine

Mrs Sam Catlin

Mr Paul Shefford


Mr Sam Scales


Bursar (0.4)

Secretary (0.8)

Secretary/Premises Manager (0.8)

School Cleaners

Lunchtime Cleaner

Clerk to Governors

School Cooks – LEA Contract

ICT Consultant

Whole school - one lesson a week, two lessons in EYFS