Groombridge St. Thomas CE Primary School

Governor Terms of Office

School Governors - Diocese of Chichester

This information about the Governors is given in the following order :

Name and status; date term starts and ends

Rev Sharon Francis Parish Priest

Appointed by Diocese Ex Officio

Angela Nicholls Headteacher

(Ex Officio)

Helen Denton Deputy Headteacher

Staff Governor (4/9/20 - 31/7/2021)

Mr Richard Hayes Parent

Parent elected (4/1/19 - 5/1/23)

Mr Thomas Swann Foundation

Appointed by Diocese (24/9/18 - 25/9/2022)

Peter Symes Foundation

Appointed by Diocese (30/5/17 - 31/5/2021)

Mrs Ann Saunders Foundation

Appointed by Diocese (21/11/2019-20/11/2023)

Ms Caroline Watkins Foundation

Appointed by Diocese (19/12/19-18/12/23)

To be appointed LA Governor

Governors who stepped down 2018

Ray Donelan stepped down as Chair of Governors July 27th 2018

Governors Who Have Stepped Down 2019

Roz Thomas Foundation - July 23rd 2019

Tina Reed Foundation - September 24th 2019

Mrs Cathy Slow Diocesan Governor - September 24th 2019

Joanna Langton Foundation- November 13th 2019

Governors Who Have Stepped Down 2020

Trevor Harrison Foundation - January 7th 2020

Maggie Carroll Local Authority - July 13th 2020

Thomas Swann stood down as Chair of Governors September 22nd 2020

Governors who have stepped down 2021

Mr Stuart Fraser stepped down as Chair of Governors - 19th January 2021

Mr Garry Saunders LA Governor and temporary Chair of Governors - 23rd January 2021

Rev Sharon Francis stepped down as temporary Chair of Governors 29th March 2021

Mr Guy Orridge Parent Governor - 31st March 2021