School Council

Our School Council, which started in 2004, is democratically elected annually 
from Years 3-6.
We want to ensure that all pupils have:
  • a safe, happy, healthy, active and fair learning environment
  • a place to voice concerns, worries and work out solutions
  • the opportunity to learn problem solving skills
  • an opportunity to take an active part in making decisions
  • an opportunity to experience a democratic process which expresses British values and respects others
  • a place to discuss behaviour/friendship problems or report bullying
  • responsibility for the school environment
  • an opportunity to plan and organise projects which will make a difference
  • the opportunity to speak, listen to others and debate issues
  • an opportunity to manage a budget
  • an opportunity to learn about roles, rights and responsibilities within the school and wider community
A file with all of the minutes of our meetings is available in school.
Angela Nicholls 

Wealden District Council

Councillor Chris Hardy Visit March 2017


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