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Governor Terms of Office

School Governors - Diocese of Chichester

This information about the Governors is given in the following order :

Name and status; date term ends

Mr Thomas Swann                        ( Chair)     Foundation

Appointed by Diocese                   (1/11/2021)            


Angela Nicholls                                       Headteacher

 (Ex Officio)                                            (31/12/2024)

Amanda Miller                                         Deputy Headteacher    

Staff                                                         (31/8/2019)


......................                       Parent

.                         .


Guy Orridge                             Parent

Parent elected                         (31/3/2021)


Tina Reed                                Foundation

Appointed  by Diocese              (6/10/2019)


Joanna Langton                       Foundation

Appointed   by Diocese             (18/5/2021)


Rev Sharon  Francis                 Parish Priest

Appointed by Diocese              (19/6/2037) Ex Officio                                              


Mr Garry Saunders                 (Deputy Chair)     LEA

Appointed by ESCC                 (25/2/2022) 


Thomas Swann                       Parent



Peter Symes                          Foundation

Appointed by Diocese             (31/5/2021)


Roslyn Thomas                      Foundation



Jonquil King                     LEA