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Health Grant Initiatives, Monitoring and News 2016-2018

Health and Wellbeing - £10,000 Grant 2016-17
In September-October we carried out a 360 degree consultation with pupils, staff, parents and governors to inform out audit and action plan. 
Thank you to everyone for the positive suggestions for improvement for the whole school which are attached below.

December 2016 - 100% packed lunch boxes contained 1 or 2 unhealthy items
100% pupils can name at least one way of staying healthy and can name an adult in school that they would speak to if they were 
worried or had a concern.
January 2017 - PE Co-ordinators launch the Daily KM initiative in whole school assembly and newsletter 
and also daily GoNoodle - physical activities in the classroom
Early morning weekly 'Running Club' led by parent volunteers - see February Newsletter
February 2017 - Healthy Eating assembly by Mr Boccoli from Chartwells
Quote - 'I would like to feedback on point 4.1 "Steps to excite and motivate pupils to try new foods" that Felix loved Mr Broccoli coming in. He hates veg and came home and made VEGETABLE stir fry with me according to Mr Broccoli's instructions and it is now a firm favourite!'
Healthy Lunch Box Competition
March - INSET for staff and Governors 'Understanding and Supporting Traumatised Children in Schools'

Resources Purchased with the Health Grant 
6 early years bikes £1,200; SRE resources £100; Assorted balls for EY £200; new hockey sticks £150; resources for gardening club £150; 
30 pedometers £200
Coming soon - remarking of playground markings in bottom playground

Staff Training September to March 2017
EPI-Pen INSET TAs - September 2016
Food Safety and Cookery Level 2 INSET TAs - December 2016
Promoting Active Playtimes - all TAs/MDSAs - January 2017
Understanding and Supporting Traumatised Children in a School Setting - March 2017

Healthy Lunch Box Competition March 2017 - Wonderful entries by children of all ages -
Congratulations to Bea Mills Year 3 for winning first prize and thank you to 'Basil' restaurant for providing wonderful prizes for winner and runners up!
Food Policy Consultation - see below

Monitoring for Impact April 2017
  • 73% pupils say they have increased the amount of exercise they take or joined a new sporting club
  • 90% of lunchboxes are now 'healthy' without sweets, chocolate or sweet drinks
  • Parental feedback - 7 responses - cannot be published
  • 96% pupils enjoy happy playtimes ( with very low variance on occasional days) and the Peer Playtime leader initiative has had a positive impact on activities, behaviour and pupil leadership at playtimes
  • 100% pupils can name 3 or 4 areas that improve their health

Angela Nicholls    Sue Hallett 
Rob Smith    Charlotte Singleton
(Health Grant Co-ordinators)
Updated April 2017

         Health Grant  Monitoring and News 2017-2018 -£7,000 Grant

September 2017- Consolidate and review  2017-18 plan and embed actions/initiatives and policy reviews in 2017-18

October  - Ezekiel Ewulo athlete visit and inspirational talk to whole school with activities for each class eg whole school 
sponsored athletics event 
Continue to promote healthy lunch box initiative and send guidelines to parents
Free school meals guidance sent to parents
MSPORTI to launch and co-ordinate cross country club
November - Plan Wellbeing initiative for pupils and staff
Attend ESCC Planning meeting to approve plan
JanuaryLaunch yoga classes for every year group and staff - yoga sessions begin for years 1 and 2
Launch Play Leader initiative with Year 5 pupils
Each pupil to name a chosen and trusted adult and record in PSHE books
Order teaching and learning resources for emotional and mental well being/PSHE curriculum
FebruaryYoga sessions for years 1 and 2
Online 'Wellbeing' consultation for KS2 pupils
4/2/18 Launch of 'Random Acts of Kindness' Week
Complete school profile 2017-18
Pupil Voice and Consultation - including SEN and vulnerable pupils - repeat in July to monitor impact of school actions
5/2/18 Triple P Parent Seminar - Raising Resilient Children
6/2/18 Safer Internet Assembly and Curriculum Day
9/2/18 Triple P Parent Seminar - Online Safety 
March 2018 - Yoga sessions for years 3 and 4; PHSE resources arrived for classes
Monitoring Worry Box - 5 notes - no patterns or worries about school
April 2018 - Yoga sessions for years 5 and 6
May 2018 - Yoga sessions for years 5 and 6
Resources for teaching cookery arrived - cooker, workstations, utensils etc.
KS2 class pages on website updated to encourage pupils to bring in a snack for break-time
June 2018 - De-stessing/relaxation sessions for all pupils sessions for Reception class
Wellbeing initiatives to continue as sustainable and ongoing priority - see below.
100% pupils named a trusted adult in school
See Wellbeing Impact in Evaluation Report attached for improvements in all areas

2018-19 No Grant - Wellbeing Initiatives, Monitoring and News

September 2018 - 100% pupils record their trusted adult in school in PSHE Books
Classes to use the new cooking work station eg Christmas cakes Year 6
Wellbeing focus in Collective Worship to continue
De-stressing/relaxation sessions for all pupils re-launched
October 2018 Staff Wellbeing Survey and feedback for school/personal actions 
Review of 'The Ten Golden Rules for Myself' and an aroma therapy workshop 
Eat Right Stay bright Charwells class lessons for pupils arranged
Lunch time pastoral/friendship group launched
November 2018School received Braveheart and Trauma Programme Bronze INSET Award
Launch of 'Ollie and His Superpowers' Emotional and Mental Health programme with pupils, staff and parents
December 2018 - St Thomas' Church received a grant for Christian Meditation in Schools;
January 2019- Wellbeing and Mental Health Policy and action plan approved by Governors
 Wellbeing Values Art Project for the 'Tree of Life'
Staff guidance on 'The Therapeutic teacher' circulated and discussed
Dignity at Work Policy approved by Governors
Stress Management Policy approved by Governors
Smoke Free Policy revised and approved by Governors
February - Mental Health Day - 'Time to talk' - Balanced Life guidance circulated to staff, governors and parents/carers
March - 

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Health Grant Initiatives